Nicole Edelbrock
Graphic Designer, Artist, Creator, Photographer, Retoucher, Headpiece Designer
Nicole Edelbrock is a Graphic Designer with bright blue impossible-to-forget-hair and a compelling personality to match. 2020 BGSU graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design and NW Ohio native, she finds passion in photography and design for social change. 
Nicole has an affinity for the strange and unusual. She enjoys creating large fantastical headpieces and photographing them to fully encapsulate fantasy art as she grows her newly formed business; Faeted Creations. Her strengths lie in vibrant design, photography, retouching, art direction, and collaboration. Currently residing in Toledo, Ohio.

Skills: Brand Development, Photography, Retouching, Social Media Graphics, Wordpress Elementor Website Design, Attention to Detail

Favorite Projects: Candy Broth (Branding + Website), Pizza Cat (Weird Cats Illustrations + Websites)

 Hidden talents: scrapbooking, eating icecream, mural painting
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